History says fine jewelry for occasions,

we say fine jewelry for every day.

We make pieces to celebrate your individuality, with each piece bringing out who you are.

Designed in Brooklyn

Handcrafted in Jaipur

We focus on what matters: durable materials built for everyday wear and tear. So, our pieces are made of the highest quality 14k gold and gemstones.


We only work with high-quality, 14k gold, genuine gemstones, and ethically sourced diamonds. Our pieces are made for everyday wear, forever. Gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor since it is the least reactive metal. The 14k alloy gives our pieces their beautiful, subtle hue. It is also an active lifestyle’s best friend; it scratches less and doesn’t bend or wear out as easily as 18k.

To be specific, no gold is solid other than 24k.

Our 14k gold

is made of the following

- Gold Purity: 58.58%
- Silver: 1.96%
- Copper: 38.47%
- Zinc: 0.99%

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Anna Elizabeth

An ode to your story

Anna Elizabeth jewelry was born out of that instinctual need to express through dress up, play, and make believe we all had as a child. I for one was always obsessed with accessorizing, dressing up, and getting into all my mom’s old costume jewelry. This tendency to express myself through clothes, and especially jewelry, only strengthened as I got older, studied fashion and personal adornment, and eventually became a jewelry buyer in school. When I moved to New York, I began to notice that the unique pieces people choose to wear on their body every single day really give a glimpse into who they are. Permanent expressions like piercings and tattoos tell a story about where someone comes from and who they belong to. They offer a deeper look into who someone is, and give a tiny glimpse into their unique story before any words are even uttered. Anna Elizabeth is an ode to your story, whatever it may be.


Creating a sustainable company and products is important to us. 

As we are a small, self-funded company there are many ways we can continue to create a more sustainable company. 

Here is where we currently are:

✹ Paying living wages and fair pricing to our manufacturing partners in Jaipur. 

✹ We use sustainably sourced and recycled gemstones. Currently our gold is not recycled gold, but we are working on it.  

✹ Hiring female entrepreneurs for our website, branding, and tote bag creation. Giving back to our economy and closing the wage gap. 

✹ Using recycled mailers to ship out orders and the USPS to do our part in helping saving it. 

Questions? Email: hello@shopannelizabeth.com 

Our Beliefs

If you don't stand for something you stand for nothing. As we exist, as the world changes, and as our company grows we will be sure to update you, our followers and future customers, so you can always know where your money is going and who you are supporting. 

LGBTQ+ We stand with our LGBTQ community and will always strive to uplift and amplify their voices in the brands we represent, the people we hire, and the partners we collaborate with.

ENVIRONMENT We love the earth and strive to make the least impact possible. We love collaborating with brands and companies that have sustainability at the forefront, either as a highly prioritized goal, or a practice already implemented.

WOMXN We are for the equal rights of all people. We fight for womxn’s equality, and we understand this means ALL womxn. As a woman founded company, we amplify the voices of women and seek out brands that do the same.

BLACK LIVES We stand with the black and marginalized voices in our community. We vow to be a part of the solution. To continue to do the work to educate ourselves and our communities. To be an ally both in words, and intentional actions. Please head to the link below for resources on how to donate, petitions to sign, numbers to call, and ways in which you can support those protesting.

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